Replica Tag Heuer Watches: Monaco Series and Formular 1 Series

As Switzerland and even the global influential wrist watch brand, the design style of tag heuer is extraordinary refined with accurate walking time, which is known as the model of Swiss avant-garde accurate tabulation. So, what are the series of tag heuer? What is the distinguishing feature of each big series? Just find more answer and learn more about the Tag Heuer watches in detail here!

Tag Heuer Monaco Series
On March 3, 1969, the Monaco series of Tag Heuer released in Geneva and New York at the same time, which was shocked the tabulation industry. The bold appearance of the watch matching with the timing clock pointer of fire-red color, metallic blue dial, crystal glass surface of the glass with a huge arch square watch case, broken design aesthetics of traditional law. What other innovation includes the world’s first square watch waterproof technology which ensures that this Tag Heuer Chronograph have perfect waterproof engineering design. But the ticking movement in the watch case is more revolutionary: renowned Automatic winding Chronomatic Calibre 11 movement, the first Automatic winding automatic timing clock movement with micro pendulum, whose performance is so accurate, which still can be comparable to strict standards and professional observatory watch. This Tag Heuer Monaco a year later watch after its birth, Steve McQueen has also chosen it when acting the famous racing film in “Le mans”.

Tag Heuer Formular 1 Series
For the Tag Heuer Formular 1 Series, its inspiration comes from the precise F1 racing driver technology, which has six characteristics essential for the professional sports appearance. From Ayrton Senna to Jenson Button, a number of F1 champion drivers wear the TAG Heuer Formula 1 series wrist watches. This series includes the CALIBRE 16 automatic chronograph, “the INDY 500” chronograph, 42mm large calendar chronograph with the best calendar readability and other classic watches.

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