King of Watch-Patek Phillipe Celebrating 175 Anniversary

In 1839, Antony Robert Patek and Ranscisco Sharpe found Patek Czapek & Ciew and in 1845 they stopped their collaboration. Invited by Mr.Patek, Mr. Philippe come to Geneva and in conjunction with Mr.Patek and V.Goslkowski, their found Patek & Ciew company. In 1851, Patek&Ciew changes company’s name and they all made wishes that they would make the most exquisite watch in the world. The ebb and flow in the watch industry didn’t cause suspension, after 175 years, Patek Philippe has become a top watch brand that is hold by a family.

This years is the 175th birthday. Early in the Basel fair, people supposed that Patek Philippe would have stunning products, but only a 5960/1A really disappointed them. In the former days, the Gravevs pocket watch brought Patek Philippe to the center of the topic and another waves of exploring Patek Philippe’s super complication watches surged. Today, this wave has just decreased and Patek Philippe, right in this moment, showed its 175th watch, which surprises everybody.

King of the Watch–5175

In order to celebrate this special moment, ten of watches launching here will be ended with number ”75”, and all of them are complicated watch, including a 5175R. building a complicated watch is just a piece of cake for Patek Philippe. In addition to the Craves pocket watch that sored up to 11 million dollars in the auction, patek Philippe also launched Calibre 89 in its 150th birthday that has 33 functions. In the 2000, right in the millennium, it released a super complicated pocket watch-Calibre 2000. In 2006, Patek Philippe made the breakthrough and promoted its 5002 tourbillon watch that had 12 complicated functions. In the last year, Patek Philippe made an update and launch 6002, keeping breaking its own record.

This year, the most complicated 5175R was promoted and it is, so far, the most complicated watch. the case itself can rotate 360 degrees and double dial has 20 complicated functions.

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