Bvlgari Launched Bulgari-Bulgari 40 Anniversary Edition

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary, Bvlgari launched a special blue edition. It sounds nothing special but presenting the blue in the dial has been a tough problem, particularly it must matches with the blue mirror, making is challenging. In order to present this blue on the dial, Bvlgari needs to paint the dial for 20 layers, and this process would take a week. So now Bvlgari only has Bvlgari Bclgari 41mm and Octo 38mm.

Their efforts do not go in vain. The blue sapphire dial is crystal and could reflects from different angles to for the different pictures. The simple but clear dial further make it mysterious. “Among all series of products, we could find the same symbolic elements,”, said Fabrizio Buonamassa. Not too much polishing are applied to watches, but it could still keeps its characteristics. They shape their perfect look, golden proportion and good balance. Bvlgari Bvlgari 41mm and Octo 38mm are both fitted with Solotempo movement, inheriting that simple style, and only hour, minute and second are displayed there. It also has a stainless strap and a blue alligator skin belt.

in order to perfect it, Bvlgari released another two ladies watches in this series. The 26mm and a 33mm are made of stainless steel, and they have dense diamonds on the bezel, precious mother of pearl dotting the dial, and a shining gem-setting time indexes, Lvcea series also braces its new series. the white gold edition and the bracelet, a red gold edition with sun radiation dial and alligator skin belt. In this series, it poses a huge challenge to Fabrizio Buinamassa. “Bvlgari, of course, could achieve the geometric beauty, but we hope that Bvlgari coudl present its difference on Lvcea series. In light of this, the DNA that roots in bvlgari offers various choices for us”, said Fabrizio.

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